23 – 25 out of 101 Design Basics – More Kitchen Stories

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Homework no. 23 – 25

23_101     24_101     25_101

This week is devoted to the kitchen and we are asked to cook a meal three times.

  1. for myself
  2. for three guest
  3. for my Mom or a very close friend

I’ll have to admit that my guest will come next week and I did not cooked my meal three times in a row, though I cooked at least three times and had guest at my house. Design 101 is a pretty demanding course, though the most interesting I ever joined, and it’s not easy to complete each days task. Although we are asked to spent just on hour on each homework, it is almost impossible to achieve, considering that you not only accomplish the task, but also connect with others which is a very important part. Regognizable is the fact, that the number of activie participants greatly dropped. I’ll give you some numbers…

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